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CEO Agenda 2020


This document articulates the eight most crucial sustainability priorities for the fashion industry, offering clear guidance on where to focus their efforts. Within these eight priorities, the CEO Agenda is divided into two key sections: four core priorities for immediate implementation and four transformational priorities for fundamental change that require collaborative structures and investments.


The current model has served as powerful engine for global growth and development for the past 100 years, but we believe there is a compelling business case for those who invest in long-term social and environmental sustainability, beyond short-term financial incentives. While we acknowledge that changing established practices is not an easy feat, we also remain convinced that the fashion industry can act as an inspirational forerunner.

We urge you as industry leaders to investigate new business models outside current market mechanisms to drive change, implement innovation and tap into collaborative and progressive business opportunities. This is essential not only to future-proof your business, but it is also crucial for humanity to operate within planetary boundaries and to meet the needs of future generations.

Core priorities for immediate implementation

Transformational priorities for fundamental change

2020 Spotlight

Biodiversity describes the variety of life on Earth and its natural systems, includes the variability of living organisms and the diversity within species, between species and of ecosystems. It represents the life support system of the Earth, with human livelihoods directly dependent on genetic, species and ecosystem diversity and function.

In this spirit, the CEO Agenda includes a spotlight on biodiversity among its existing priorities and provides further guidance for fashion brands to take action