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Corporate governance & partnerships

Global Fashion Agenda is an international Copenhagen-based non-profit organisation that works to transform the fashion industry to become more sustainable. Funding for our activities comes from five key areas in both the private and public sectors: partners, sponsors, sales, public funding and grants.

Our corporate governance structure encompasses the organisation’s board of directors and our steering committee of Strategic Partners. Our networks comprise associate partners, knowledge partners, network partners, commitment signatories, experts and advisers, which are described below in more detail.

Board of directors
The board of directors is Global Fashion Agenda’s highest decision-making body and signs off on the organisation’s budget and strategy. The board is made up of seven appointed international executive members, who have experience from the fashion industry or from other areas relevant to Global Fashion Agenda’s purpose. The Danish Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs appoints the chairman based on consultation with the board and is appointed for up to three years at a time. The remaining members are elected at the annual general meeting based on the board’s nominations for a period of two years and can be re-elected. The board’s role, in addition to ensuring corporate governance and compliance, is to oversee that Global Fashion Agenda is run in a healthy manner in terms of the organisation, team, funding, financials and overall objectives and activities. There are four board meetings every year and each member receives remuneration for their work.

Steering committee
The Global Fashion Agenda steering committee comprises two senior representatives from each Strategic Partner company and acts as the executive body by providing essential leadership to support Global Fashion Agenda’s mission. Our Strategic Partners are a small group of hand-picked companies, representing different market segments and geographies, who lead by example in their dedication to drive sustainable progress. They provide initial feedback in shaping the sustainability agenda, serve as role models at events and also play an active role in content development, in particular by shaping and signing off on the CEO Agenda. The Strategic Partners convene four times a year for steering committee meetings and each company contributes a fixed amount of money annually.

Associate Partners
The Associate Partners consist of hand-picked companies who are sustainability leaders or are dedicated to improving their sustainability performance. They provide additional feedback and supply input for the content developed by Global Fashion Agenda and its Strategic Partners through group calls, questionnaires and meetings. The Associate Partners contribute financially to the organisation’s efforts but at a lower rate than Strategic Partners.

Knowledge partners
Knowledge partners have specific knowledge and skills that can qualify the work of Global Fashion Agenda, e.g. The Boston Consulting Group, which co-authors the Pulse of the Fashion Industry report, works pro-bono and thus does not contribute financially, and The Ellen MacArthur Foundation, a global thought leader on the  circular economy, is an official supporter of Global Fashion Agenda’s work to accelerate the fashion industry’s transition to a  circular fashion system.

Network partners
Network partners are organisations that can spread the mission of Global Fashion Agenda and make sustainability fashionable through, e.g. platforms that reach a larger target audience.

Commitment signatories
Commitment signatories consist of fashion companies that sign a call to action to set targets and report on progress. They provide input on the development of the tools for implementing the commitment, e.g. the 2020 Circular Fashion System Commitment.

Experts and advisors
Experts and advisors complement the expertise and network of Global Fashion Agenda and its partners, providing input on specific topics for the development of our publications. The Summit advisors consist of fashion industry profiles who help us determine the Summit programme.