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January 29, 2020

GFA partners with McKinsey & Company to fast forward fashion’s most urgent agenda

We are pleased to welcome McKinsey & Company as a Strategic Knowledge Partner. Together we will work to tackle the biggest challenges facing fashion as the ever-growing fashion industry pushes the earth beyond its planetary boundaries and challenges social justice. We join forces to step change ambitions and the understanding of what it takes to transform the business model for fashion to achieve true sustainability.

Even though the fashion industry’s social and environmental performance has improved, it is still far from sustainable and companies are not implementing sustainable solutions fast enough to counterbalance the negative environmental and social impacts of their rapid growth. For the fashion industry to future proof its business model, incremental changes are not enough. It must profoundly rethink the way business is currently approached, conducted and incentivised.

Redesigning the concept of growth is one of the biggest systemic issues of our time. That is why Global Fashion Agenda will focus on Redesigning Growth for various activities in 2020 and 2021, starting with the launch of CEO Agenda 2020 and as the main theme of Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2020.

Global Fashion Agenda and McKinsey & Company will embark on a joint Redesigning Growth venture. The overall aim of the collaboration is to look beyond existing solutions, to seek inspiration from experts,

academia and other industries to identify the systemic changes needed for the industry to become leaders in sustainability.

“We seek to challenge the traditional concept of growth and prosperity, by collaborating to identify solutions for the industry to meet the demands of the future within planetary boundaries. That’s why I am beyond excited to be joining forces with McKinsey & Company to dive deeper into the topic of growth. Having authored numerous leading reports about the fashion industry, McKinsey’s dedicated team has in-depth knowledge about our industry, and together we will also provide new assessments and reports for the industry to track and follow progress on sustainable development,” says Eva Kruse, CEO, Global Fashion Agenda.

“Sustainability and corporate responsibility have risen to the top of every industry executives’ agenda. Still, the industry has a long way to go before achieving transformative change. We’re proud to partner with Global Fashion Agenda, which possesses deep content expertise, a wide industry reach and extensive communication platforms to share our joint knowledge. As a strong alliance, we are setting ambitious goals to accelerate the pace on sustainability and to push for real industry transformation,” says Achim Berg, Senior Partner and Global Leader of Apparel, Fashion & Luxury Group, McKinsey & Company.