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12-13 October


Amidst the significant challenges and uncertainty imposed by COVID-19, our team has revised the plan to deliver Copenhagen Fashion Summit this year. In its place, we are very excited to launch a new concept, CFS+, a highly engaging and entertaining content platform.

What is CFS+? 
CFS+ is a hybrid of pre-produced premium digital content, live sessions, and an online forum that connects the fashion industry with the world’s leading innovators to keep the sustainability agenda alive. This entirely new approach to storytelling will bring to life stories that champion the intersection of fashion and sustainability along with the people and perspectives driving our industry forward. 

Where can I watch CFS+?
CFS+ will be live-streamed 12-13 October starting each day at 15:00 CEST – on the GFA website, as well as on our Youtube channel. More information will be shared with the release of the full programme in early October. You can learn more about the speakers HERE.

How much does CFS+ cost to attend?
This year, CFS+ registration and attendance is free and open to anyone. Click HERE to register.

Who is CFS+ for?
Typically the Summit is attended by fashion industry executives, and stakeholders across the value chain. As such, the Summit programme is tailored to a leadership profile, focusing specifically on four brand functions; top management, design, marketing and sourcing. In addition, at the INNOVATION FORUM and the Design Studio, participants can experience some of the most cutting-edge sustainability solutions to drive their business forward.

Why is ‘Redesigning value’ the theme for this year’s summit?
The time for a reset has arrived. The worldwide pandemic is forcing our industry to undergo a dramatic transformation that is playing out in real time. ’Redesigning Value’ will navigate the current and future realities facing our industry as it weathers the storm of a global health and economic crisis, the repercussions of which will be felt for years to come.